Valerie Cloutier's Innovative Marketing Plan of ACTION!

Your Home... probably your most valuable asset. It's an extension of you, your style, your time, your life. And now it's time to sell... Who do you turn to? With thousands of licensed agents in the state, confusion can set in. How do you decide?

Do you go with the agent who tells you exactly what you want to hear and gives you the highest listing price? (have a conversation with the owners who are unable to sell because of overpricing in this "Buyer's Market".) Or possibly the agent who is willing to cut their commission to next to nothing, just to get the listing? (what kind of service and marketing do you think you'll get?) Or do you go with the agent who is willing to be honest with you, invest their time and energy to marketing, and maintain constant contact with you on progress.

The agent you need is Valerie Cloutier, and the power of InnovativeThinking
Innovative Technology Innovative Attitude... Innovative Realty!

The first step is to provide you with tools to make an informed choice on pricing your home. A CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) and an ARA (Absorption Rate Analysis) will be processed, to determine the price range most likely to get your home sold on YOUR timetable, and will include:

  • Recent sales prices of comparable homes in your neighborhood.
  • Listing prices of comparable, currently listed homes.
  • Expired listings (those rejected by the market for being overpriced).
  • Homes-on-market statistics showing how many months it would take to sell the market's current inventory.
  • Listing-price-to-sales-price statistics that express how much actual sales prices have varied from listing prices.

  • Once we've priced your home accordingly, it's time to get to work! Below is the basis of the marketing plan that we offer to you, the seller who deserves the honesty and service that we provide.

    Through our use of the marketing system, we have the advantage of being one of the few REALTORS who leverages the distribution power of the Internet's most popular real estate Websites. When we host your home on, your home with multiple photos is also included within the real estate sections of AOL, MSN, Netscape, and over fifty additional real estate sites. We maximize the exposure by utilizing Multiple Pictures, Virtual Tours, and Detailed Property information. Your home will be featured on here at,, and, and will be available on thousands of agent and brokerage sites nationwide.

    Virtual Tour
    Your property will have a Virtual Tour with at least five panoramic-style shots. With a growing number of homebuyers nationwide using the Internet as a shopping tool, Virtual Tours encourage Buyers to click through to obtain more information on your home. Over 78% of these shoppers say the most important feature when searching online is photos - followed closely by detailed property descriptions and virtual tours.

    Home buyers clearly recognize the value of Virtual Tours, with the "Virtual Tours First" display option clicked on more than 120,000 times each day on®

    Traditional Advertising
    It's important to target the people that are most likely to purchase your home, and with statistics showing that newspaper subscriptions are dropping, local advertising is a tool that is less and less effective to reach Buyers. However, in certain markets, traditional advertising remains important and will be explored on a case-by-case basis.

    A professional sign is put in front of your home, most likely with a brochure box. We also will place large directional signs at intersections leading to your home. This makes it easier for potential buyers to find you home, and creates curiosity for motorists who may be driving past.

    A brochure is compiled with photos, feature pages outlining the important features of your home, a floorplan (if you have one) and community information.

    Feedback Report
    We call and/or email every real estate agent that shows your home to get vital feedback from them and their client. This feedback is given directly to you, so that you are constantly updated with potential buyers and real estate agents opinion on price and condition. If the purchaser is interested in another home, we probe to find the reasons why your home was not preferred.

    Professional Analysis
    We are constantly analyzing the real estate market to make sure your home is priced right. When new homes are listed on MLS, or when comparable homes are sold, if your home needs to be priced more competitively, we will let you know!

    Corporate Networking
    Although Innovative Realty's property listings are multiple-listed, we sell many of our own listings within our office. With 3 offices located in Southern New Hampshire, the networking within our Team often sells our homes immediately. If we know that we are going to list your home ahead of time, we tell our fellow agents about your property so that if they have Buyers interested in that price range, they can show it to them as soon as it comes on the market. Shortly after your house is listed for sale, each of our agents at each of our offices is notified and invited to tour your home. Familiarity breeds success!

    Online Availability
    Buyers are able to contact either of us on-line to schedule a viewing of your home. This is in addition to the conventional ways of seeing your home which include calling us directly or calling their previously chosen area real estate agent. The easier Buyers can view your home, the quicker it will sell.

    We send postcards to the neighborhood to let them know your house is listed. Often-times present residents know of someone who would like to live in your neighborhood.

    Keep in mind there is more to selling a home than getting the Buyer to sign a contract. Only half the work is completed at this time. We negotiate home inspection items; we meet the appraiser with our in-depth knowledge of your property and the surrounding neighborhood, preparing him/her with the brochure and comparables, making the job of the appraiser easy. We follow up with the lender to make sure the Buyer is fulfilling his obligations so the loan will be approved as soon as possible.

    We are proud to offer you our client-orientated Real Estate services that are greatly enhanced by being a part of the Innovative Realty Team, and we ook forward to working with you.

    Valerie Cloutier, Realtor®
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